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Repository for participants of the "Version control with git" training

Reproducibility is an important aspect of scientific research. A version control system such as git can help considerably in this respect. It is also and excellent tool for collaboration. You can use version control on

A version control systems helps you keep track of

Learning outcomes

When you complete this training you will be able to


Total duration: 4 hours

Time Subject Duration
09:00-09:15 introduction and motivation 15 min.
09:15-09:45 Gitlab: manage repositories 30 min.
09:15-10:30 git GUI: single user scenario 45 min.
10:30-10:45 coffee break 15 min.
10:45-11:30 git GUI: multi-user scenario 45 min.
11:30-12:30 git on the command line 60 min.
11:30-11:50 advanced git features 20 min.
11:50-12:00 wrap up 10 min.

Training materials

Slides are available in the GitHub repository, as well as material for hands-on.

Some best practices and advice are available online.

Video materials

Video recordings of this training are available on YouTube.

  1. Introduction & motivation (11.5 minutes)
  2. git repository hosting (6 minutes)
  3. SmartGit GUI client first push (6.5 minutes)
  4. Single user scenario (30 minutes)
  5. Single user scenario terminal demo (11 minutes)
  6. Multiple user scenario (24.5 minutes)
  7. Multiple user scenario demo (10 minutes)
  8. Some details (8 minutes)
  9. Contributing to repositories (13 minutes)
  10. Conclusions & references (3 minutes)

Target audience

This training is for you if you write texts or code, need to reproduce your experiments and collaborate on projects.


For the part on using git from the command line, you will need familiarity with either the Linux bash shell, or Windows Command Prompt.