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Repository for participants of the "Fortran for programmers" training

Fortran is used a lot in the context of HPC. For many, it has a reputation of being an old and ugly programming language. However, modern Fortran is a far cry from Fortran 77 that its detractors have in mind. Fortran 2003/2008 is a language that is well tailored towards scientific computing. This training introduces the language and its features.

Learning outcomes

When you complete this training you will be able to


Total duration: 7 hours, split over two sessions.

Session one

Total duration session 1: 3.5 hours

Subject Duration
introduction and motivation 5 min.
basics: control flow statements, data types 85 min.
hands-on session 1 20 min.
coffee break 10 min.
arrays and pointers 30 min.
user defined types 10 min.
procedures 30 min.
hands-on session 2 20 min.

Session two

Total duration, session 2: 3.5 hours

Subject Duration
modules and object oriented programming 70 min.
hands-on session 3 20 min.
coffee break 10 min.
file I/O 50 min.
interacting with the environment 10 min.
hands-on session 4 20 min.
discussion of more advanced topics (e.g., using BLAS/Lapack, HDF5) 20 min.
wrap up 10 min.

Training materials

Slides are available in the GitHub repository, as well as example code and hands-on material. The exercises for the hands-on sessions are on the website.

Target audience

This training is for you if you need to use Fortran as a programming language.


You will need experience programming in another programming language, This is not a training that starts from scratch.

If you plan to do Fortran programming in a Linux or HPC environment you should be familiar with these as well.